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    Step 1

    These help steps presume you know how to use terminal application and that you have access to the internet.

    Open terminal application and move into the directory where you downloaded the package below (*.deb package) and run:

    dpkg -i *.deb

    Step 2

    EmitCloud is now installed. Before running EmitCloud you should check configurations in file /etc/emitcloud/ecloud.yaml and set properties appropriately. Open terminal application.



    Application will print out available commands.


    emitcloud start

    for starting a new instance.

    Step 3

    Open second tab in terminal application.



    You should see a list of commands supported by utility emitctrl. As we are starting a new instance of EmitCloud we should first run:

    emitctrl init

    and follow the wizzard in terminal. EmitCloud instance should now be accesible at default address ( written in ecloud.yaml (default_address key). After that we should add a custom local user with:

    emitctrl au

    You can add 5 users in a free version of EmitCloud.