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    Step 1

    Open Windows Explorer and move into the directory where you downloaded the package below (*.zip) and extract its content with either WinRar, WinZip or 7zip.

    Step 2

    A new folder will appear. Put this folder in appropriate path where you want to install EmitCloud. Before running EmitCloud you should check configurations in file etc/ecloud.yaml and set properties appropriately.

    If you want to run EmitCloud as a Windows service right-click on file:

    Start - service.bat

    and select Run as administrator. Or if you want to run in interactive mode then double-click file:

    Start - console.bat

    Step 3

    To initialize EmitCloud server double-click file:


    You should see a list of commands supported by utility emitctrl. As we are starting a new instance of EmitCloud we should first run:


    and follow the wizzard in terminal. EmitCloud instance should now be accesible at default address ( written in ecloud.yaml (default_address key). After that we should add a custom local user with:


    You can add 5 users in a free version of EmitCloud.